Co-Founder/Principle Designer/Creative Director

Cindee Dao loves all things pretty– flowers and interior designing are the driving force behind her success.

As a child, Cindee found any reason she could to bring friends and family together for a party, so it was no surprise when she decided to create a company that spoke to her passion: a wedding and events décor company.

After spending many sleepless nights learning how to start-up a business from scratch, Cindee decided to form a partnership with her childhood friend, who shared the same passion. This allowed both ladies to do what they love most and CL Décor was born.

Cindee’s ability to design beautiful events with every logistic taken into consideration, is a unique skill. She strives to coordinate all details with care and is quick to conquer the unexpected. Cindee has an eye for the components and fundamentals of design and the ability to visualize a space, providing her clients suggestions and direction in determining what will best transform their venue from average to exceptional.

Cindee is PASSIONATE about what she does. This allows her to serve and celebrate her client’s lives and their unique and wonderful love stories.

Cindee believes in building relationships with her clients, forming a friendship to make the planning process a fun experience rather than a task.

When Cindee is not busy planning weddings and events, she is busy planning her own. She loves to host parties, try new eateries, travel and spend time with her husband Andrew and two adorable boys, Dylan and Jacob.


Organized, task oriented, driven, technically minded, entrepreneurial… with a side of sweetness and Asian hospitality, encapsulate the essence of who Lan Tran is.  

 After a successful career in IT Management and raising her young family, Lan yearned for a greater challenge where she would be able to utilize her creative, professional, and people skills. Wedding designer was not a career that Lan had ever dreamt about. However, when the opportunity was presented to her by a life-long friend, it was something she could not refuse. She saw it as a challenge and accepted the task.  

To Lan’s amazement, starting up CL Decor, with her best friend Cindee, was one of the best decision she ever made! This journey of love and friendship not only allow her to utilize her business and people skills, Lan has discovered a hidden creative side she never knew existed. Designing flower recipes, planning and coordinating colors, matching dinner plates with textiles, and bringing bride’s vision to life became second nature.  

What started as a whisper, a longing for a deep and meaningful fulfillment, a search for a greater challenge, came to fruition on a journey that started out of love and friendship. CL Decor is not just a wedding business for Lan. It is the culmination of all that she represents: Love, friendship, integrity, dedication, and yes, creativity.